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Sms may fail due to any of these reasons: A. Recipient’s phone number out of network coverage B. Invalid/incorrect phone number C. Recipient’s inbox full or message application frozen D. Recipient’s phone number switched off for long E. Phone number on DND F. You don't have sufficient sms units

We are not a telecom provider and as such we are not able to pre- determine the numbers on DND services. However, STATUS can be text to 2442 using the number. The response will determine if such number is on DND or not

Our manual for each product is comprehensive enough for this. However, you can watch some videos at Raise ticket if answer not found still

Yes, you can earn commission termly by introducing school/s to use School Links Portal. You earn 20% for the first term of usage and 10% for subsequent terms for a period of five years. Details at

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